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Veterinarian-Recommended Cat Lodging

Feline guests are welcome with open arms at Gochenauers where they can expect to be treated like the royalty they are. Our Kitty Condos provide a spacious environment for them that has been cat tested and approved for generations. With enough space for them to lounge, play, and take cat naps, their area away from the dogs is sure to have them purring in delight!

Award-Winning Accommodations & Amenities

Our cattery is totally climate-controlled and separated from the dog areas for maximum peace and comfort.

  • Comfy, spacious kitty quarters with lots of room to lounge and exercise
  • Cats from the same household can stay together!
  • Each feline guest is provided soft bedding, and human attention (just the right amounts!)
  • Advanced climate control and air exchange systems for comfort & health
  • Advanced security systems
  • We recommend bringing your cat’s regular diet, but we offer a high-quality cat food for no charge.
  • Each accommodation is cleaned daily with veterinary-grade cleaners

Kitty Activities

While our accommodations include all the comforts & relaxation of home, we know some cats appreciate a little extra attention & fun. You can add special treats and activities to their stay to keep your cat extra entertained while you’re away.

  • Catch-of-the-day treats
  • Cattery free roaming time
  • Play time with catnip toys & laser chases
  • One-on-one caregiver cuddles for the lap cat

Professional Care from Professionals Who Care

At Gochenauer Pet Resort, we treat every guest like our own furry loved ones. Here are just some of the reasons pet parents in the Lancaster area have trusted us for over 50 years.

  • Family-owned and operated since 1971 with multiple generations caring for your pets daily
  • Highly recommended by leading local veterinarians for our superior level of care
  • Winners of 57 “best of” people’s choice awards from publications including Lancaster Magazine and the Lancaster Newspaper
  • Advanced UV air purification system and year-round climate control
  • Elevated level of staff training including pet first aid and CPR

Cat Boarding FAQ

What vaccinations are required for cats?

To keep our feline friends safe and healthy, we require proof of vaccination for Rabies and Feline Distemper.

Are reservations required?
Our exceptional level of care depends on the right level of staffing every day. For this reason, we do require reservations. Please call us to get yours started.
Do you offer activities for cats?
Yes! In fact, many cats benefit from activity just as much as dogs when they’re away from home. We’ll be happy to play with your cat one-on-one and give them special treats. Call us to learn more.
Should I bring my cat’s own food?

To keep your pet on the diet they’re accustomed to, we ask you please bring their usual food bagged and labeled per serving. You can also send along any canned food that your cat eats. We can also feed our in-house Iams dry cat food at no additional charge.

What about their toys?
You’re welcome to bring your cat’s toys for their stay, we just ask you bring no more than 2 per pet
My pet takes medication. Can you administer medication to pets?

Yes, we’re able to administer many oral and topical medications for a small fee. Medications are administered between 7am – 6pm. Please complete our medical instruction form for any medications your pet may need while in our care.