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Award-Winning Dog Daycare

Since 1971, Gochenauer Pet Resort has been a safe and happy place for dogs to play, exercise, and get lots of attention while you’re busy or away from home. No more boredom or loneliness—we’ll keep your dog exercised and entertained. By the end of the day, they’ll be ready to relax with you and your family. See for yourselves why we’ve won 57 “best of” people’s choice awards!

Dog daycare starts at $27 for the day.

Why Choose Gochenauer Pet Resort for Dog Daycare?

Each daycare guest enjoys a customized daycare experience with us. It begins with their own clean and comfortable private bedroom where they’ll rest and recharge. Throughout the day they’ll receive one-on-one playtime and attention to keep them enriched and engaged.

  • Veterinarian-recommended daycare program
  • Private playtimes in our 6 beautiful outdoor yards
  • Fun playground equipment and toys
  • Lots of room to run, play, and explore
  • Undivided attention from dedicated and loving caregivers
  • Regular rest periods in climate-controlled bedroom
  • Snacks and meals can be provided per your specifications
  • We’re conveniently located in Manheim Township, 4 miles north of Route 30 at 995 Fruitville Pike Lititz, PA 17543

Benefits of Dog Daycare

Dog daycare is more than fun—it’s also full of meaningful benefits for your dog’s mental and physical wellbeing!

  • Exercise. Staying home all day while you’re out of the house often means a lack of exercise for your pup. While a walk around the block is wonderful, it’s often not quite enough to keep our furry loved ones in good physical shape. Dog daycare gives dogs a place to run, play, and spend their energy, improving heart health and promoting a healthy weight.
  • Mental Engagement. We don’t have to tell you dogs are smart! They’re happiest when their minds are occupied, and a day home alone can be very boring to anyone, dog or human. When dogs get bored, they tend to find their own ways of having fun—including chewing the couch, digging up the yard, and howling all day. Daycare ensures they channel this attention and energy constructively.
  • Safest Place to Play. Dog daycare is the safest care options for pet parents—there’s no need to invite a stranger into your home. Not only does your pup get lots of undivided attention, but our daycare also takes place in a secure, fully double-fenced play environment designed just for dogs

Dog Daycare FAQ

What vaccinations are required for daycare?

To keep our daycare guests safe and healthy, we require all dogs be up to date on vaccinations for rabies, distemper, and Bordetella.

Do you require reservations for daycare?
Your dog’s safety is our top priority, and we depend on reservations to provide the ideal amount of staffing each day. Therefore, we do require reservations so we can plan accordingly.
When can I drop off and pick up my pet?
You can drop off or pick any time during our daycare hours. We’re open for daycare Monday through Friday from 7am-6pm.
Can I add more activities to my dog’s day?
Yes, we are happy to put together a custom play package for your pet. Just give us a call and we’ll set up your pet’s perfect day.
What will my dog be doing at daycare?

The short answer is—whatever makes them happy! We provide a safe place, fun toys, and room to roam, and the dogs choose what to do next. Whether it’s romp across the yard, rest in the shade or nap in the sun, daycare at Gochenauer Pet Resort is where dogs rule—with watchful supervision, of course.